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RF body contouring skin care unit / trolley-mounted
Skin Shape RF



  • Treatment:

    RF body contouring

  • Ergonomics:



The Skin Shape RF is an innovative product, designed to achieve:

* Skin Rejuvenation.
* Body Contouring.
* Skin Lifting.
* Cellulite Improvement.

Innovative Technology:

* Temperature Sensors integrated in the applicators for continuous skin-temperature monitoring, assuring effective and safe treatment.

* Automatic Operation based on skin touch.

* Quadro & Bi-polar Applicators - for large working area, with exact layer and deep tissue targeting.

* High Power (up to 250Wp) enabling powerful treatments with the best possible results.

* Fractional Micro-Needles For effective and deep Skin Rejuvenation and Facial Wrinkle Removalg