laboratory fume hood / on casters / ductless / with HEPA filter
CF-060-VAV, CF-180-VAV



  • Applications:


  • Configuration:

    on casters

  • Other characteristics:

    ductless, with HEPA filter, polypropylene


Topair’s Polypropylene Ductless Fume Hoods provide a safe work environment for lab staff working with acids and harsh chemicals.

The hoods include an advanced VAV (Variable Air Volume) system with a VFD (Variable Frequency Driver). The VAV system measures the product’s air velocity using a high quality sensor, and adjusts the air velocity speed to the relevant standard.

The system enables maximal energy savings, by flexibly adjusting the fan speed (high/low) to changing needs. The system features a high safety level, displaying real time air velocity and providing alarms for low velocity levels. This also reduces the fume cupboard’s noise level.

The products are EN-14175 / CE / ASHRAE 110-1995 certified.