ophthalmic surgery microscope / on casters



  • Microscope type:

    ophthalmic surgery microscope

  • Ergonomics:

    on casters


The OMS-800 OFFISS, an outstanding microscope is designed for intravitreal surgery as well as other ophthalmic procedures. The Optical Fiber Free Intravitreal Surgery System is abbreviated as OFFISS, and provides a bi-manual vitrectomy, that is faster, easier and safer. The OFFISS lens system comprises of several lenses offering a stereoscopic and wide field observation. A 3-directional illumination (±20 and 40) and a yellow filter assure a versatile illumination system. This outstanding microscope incorporates use of an X-Y translator, electromagnetic brakes and variable angle binocular tube. In addition to this OMS-800 OFFISS employs motorized fast focusing mechanism to allow the optical to be rapidly elevated during surgery. A stable and compact footprint coupled with long microscope arm assures an adjustable and efficient set up in Operation Theater. The versatile foot switch is capable of being tailored to the Doctor's preference.