mechanical micropipette / with ejector / variable-volume / multichannel
TP8D10H, TP8D300H



  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    with ejector, variable-volume, multichannel

  • Volume:

    0.3 ml (0.0101 US fl oz)


The TOPSCIEN multichannel Micropipette have the light weight, operated with light pipetting strength and easily and conveniently.
High chemical and UV resistance
Fully autoclavable
Rotating dispensing head for optimal pipetting convenience.
Due to the optimized standard design for the tip cone which it can be compatible with a wide range band of tips

Unique tip loading mechanism for perfect tip sealing and light tip ejection,perfecttip sealing in multichannel micropipette.

Allows tips to be loaded with constant force Enables even and safe tip sealing to the tip cones with minimum force
Makes tip ejection light and easy