laboratory water purifier / reverse osmosis / deionization / for ultrapure water production
Alpha Series



  • Applications:


  • Purification technique:

    reverse osmosis, deionization

  • Other characteristics:

    for ultrapure water production


Advantages of Water Purification - Alpha Series

Pipeline with NSF authorization to assure high quality ultra-pure water
Automatic microcomputer controlling system with multi-menu operation and display
Automatically detects fault and performs diagnostic
Alarm notifications for water quality, no water in system and consumables ending
Displays consumables residual life and informs the user to replace consumables
On-line water quality monitoring systems which monitor the inlet, reverse osmosis (RO) and ultra pure water’s
Built-in system disinfection procedure
Embedded sterilization program to achieve full disinfection
Unique design of consumables which are easy to replace
Built-in 10L water tank to save place and external tank is available
RS232 interface records water quality automatically when using the external device
The instrument's exterior consists of high-strength plastic in an elegant design
Reverse osmosis membrane of DOW, stable operation and high desalinization rate
DOW’s nuclear-grade resin ensures ultra-pure water up to 18.2 MΩ-cm
Double wavelength (185&254nm) UV lamp to restrain bacteria’s increase
MWCO 5000D UF module, effectively eliminating endotoxin
(0.45+0.2)μm polyether alternative compound filter terminal & disinfection filter
Fast-plug pipeline to ensure quick and hygienic environment
Super-large LCD display which displays the running state and various parameters