coefficient of friction tester / for packaging / bench-top / automatic
TT-COF series



  • Tested parameter:

    coefficient of friction

  • Applications:

    for packaging

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:




Coefficient of Friction Tester TT-COF-1 mainly measures the smoothness property of OPP, PET, NILON, CPP, CPE and other plastic materials and sheets. By testing the friction efficient number judges the smoothness, uniformity of film, efficiently to prevent it’s smoothness level avoiding the quality defects. It’s used in packaging field, film factory, printing industry, paper factory, packaging test institutions. It carries the standard of ASTM D 1894 -1990, TAPPI 816 wd-00, ISO 8295 -1995.


Coefficient of Friction Tester TT-COF-2 measures the coefficient of static friction and dynamic friction when materials are sliding. It is applicable for the packaging trade, film plants, testing institutions and so on.