orthodontic bracket orthodontic adhesive
Turbo Bond® II

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orthodontic bracket orthodontic adhesive orthodontic bracket orthodontic adhesive - Turbo Bond® II


  • Applications:

    for orthodontic brackets


Turbo Bond® II Light Cure Bonding Adhesive
Medium to low viscosity
Turbo Bond II is a medium to low viscosity light cure bonding system that is excellent for bonding ceramic, metal or plastic attachments. Turbo Bond II prevents drift of uncured brackets during positioning and allows sufficient time for accurate placement of attachments before curing. Full light cure for metal attachments is achieved in 30 seconds. For ceramic, full cure is reached in 20 seconds. Archwires can be tied in immediately following cure.
Kits feature Turbo Bond II adhesive conveniently pre-loaded in plunger-type syringes. Each syringe is ergonomically contoured for a comfortable fit between the fingers, which facilitates precise dispensing.
Turbo Bond II remains stable without refrigeration and will not lose adhesive performance over time.
Turbo Bond II Light Cure Kit
Kit Contains:
•Light Cure Syringes. 12 g (.423 oz.). 3
•TPO Blue Etchant Gel in Syringe, 5 cc
•Sealant Resin, 6 cc
•Disposable Brushes, so
•Foam Pellets. 100
•Spatula, i
•Work Pad, 50 sheets
Replacement Materials
151-272 150-704 150-705 150-904 150-903 100-620
Paste in Syringe. 4 g (.141 oz.)
TPO Blue Etchant Gel in Syringe. 5cc
Light Cure Sealant. 6 cc
Disposable Brushes. 50
Foam Pellets, iso
White Spatulas, so
Work Pad. 50 sheets
Adhesive Mixing and Orientation Trays. 25