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dental aligner dental aligner - Pre-Finisher®


  • Applications:

    for dental alignment


eward patients with early bracket removal. A finishing appliance that can be fitted immediately, no impressions required.
Clinically proven
Based on the proven1 design of the Original Tooth Positioner developed by TPO® over 70 years ago, the Pre-Finisher appliance is a preformed, off-the-shelf finishing appliance that provides for detailed finishing.
Exclusive features
The Pre-Finisher appliance is made from a soft, crystal-clear phthalate-free plastic with smooth edges for increased patient comfort. Sockets are anatomically sized and shaped and its unique, molded airways increase patient acceptance and compliance.

Effective coverage of second molars, when required
Available with or without seating springs
Smooth rounded borders – no sharp edges
Relief for incisive papilla
Unique, molded airways increase patient acceptance and compliance
Accurate freeway space ensures maximum comfort and proper anteroposterior arch relationships
The last two digits of the part number are molded into airways of each appliance to indicate size in millimeters. Patients can look forward to getting fixed appliances removed earlier, and you’ll appreciate the final results without doing the demanding, intricate work. Nothing could be easier!
Effortless detailed finishing
The Pre-Finisher appliance will fit most occlusions, either following the removal of fixed appliances or in nearly normal occlusions that have had no orthodontic treatment. Easy cuspid-to-cuspid measurement assures selection of the correct size for precise fitting.
Pre-Finisher appliances are designed to:
Offer the ability to remove fixed appliances early and can also be used as a retainer

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