electric medical bathtub / height-adjustable
TR 900 series

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electric medical bathtub electric medical bathtub - TR 900 series


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Height adjustable bathtubs
Height adjustable bathtubs that meets all your hygiene and work safety related needs for assisted bathing as institutional bathing.
Ergonomically designed, and the clean look also makes bathing relaxing and enjoyable.

TR 900 Bathtub for Safe Patient Bathing
The product is designed for caregiver's ergonomic use.

Height adjustment
Height adjustment for an ergonomic work enviroment for attendant.

Head pillow
Bathing is comfortable and safe thanks to head pillow (Option).

Foot rest
Bathing is comfortable and safe thanks to adjustable foot rest (Option).

Bathing is relaxing for both body and mind. It improves residents well being, is favorable for skin therapy and provides calming experiences and effects.

Safe and hygienic
Safe and hygienic bathing for both attendant and resident thanks to easy to clean surfaces and pop-up drainage.

Whirlpool system for a comfortable and relaxing bathing experience (Option).

Clear thermometer showing temperature of shower and filling water flows.

Easy Operation
Easy to operate thanks to simple and obvious controls.

Shaped bathtub
Long, key hole shaped bathtub allows more space around the upper body so that the resident can be fully covered with water and convenient when shampooing.

Shower and cleaning hoses
Shower and cleaning hoses clearly colour marked and out of reach and sight for resident for saftey and a relaxing bathing experiance.

Cleaning system
Separate cleaning system with safety on and off valves to ease cleaning of Bath and other equipment (Option).

Quick filling
Quick filling makes the bathing process efficient and minimizes heat loss.