video dermatoscope / white LED / WiFi / Full HD



  • Type:


  • Light source:

    white LED

  • Options:

    WiFi, Full HD, computer-based


Dermatoscopic image acquisition up to 18 mpx through Heine Delta 20T optic and reflex camera and the patented TRE T Medical wireless technology.

It is the perfect combination between productivity and performances. Thanks to the gear of two 22’’ monitors, the system makes available to the specialist a wider and a more organised working ambient. The whole system is put together on a carriage with an adjustable height from 120 cm to 150 cm and can be used in a standing or sitting position.
Dermaview DUAL provides the option of moving thanks to its slim shape, 4 wheels that can rotate up to 360° and the detachable power cord.
Dermaview DUAL in details:
Double 22’ led full HD monitor
Powerful incorporated PC Hardware, 1 TB data storage with possibility of exportation on CD/DVD, SD, USB.

Delta 20T features Key Features:
- Toggle function
- High-resolution optics
- High performance LEDs