video dermatoscope / white LED / WiFi / computer-based



  • Type:


  • Light source:

    white LED

  • Options:

    WiFi, computer-based


Dermatoscopic image acquisition up to 18 mpx through Heine Delta 20T optic and reflex camera and the patented TRE T Medical wireless technology.

It is the perfect choice for specialists who need an integrated Dermaview system at their fingertips.
Thanks to the potential of the portable PC and the specific trolley with the internal impact-resistant shaping exactly designed for this scope, Dermaview System can be moved anywhere and utilised in any surrounding.
Portable Dermaview in details:
Portable PC up to 750 GB of data storage, with possibility of file exportation on CD/DVD, SD, USB. In addition, it can be used with batteries with an autonomy amounting to 7 hours. The overall weight amounts to 3 Kg.
Designed Trolley

Delta 20T features Key Features:
- Toggle function
- High-resolution optics
- High performance LEDs