PET preclinical tomography system / micro X-ray CT / for small animals



  • System type:

    PET, micro X-ray CT

  • Application:

    for small animals


The first High Performance PET benchtop system with in-line X-ray CT

The LabPET sub-system provides you with the ability to visualize and quantify biological processes over a wide range of PET tracer activities with a reconstructed isotropic image resolution of <1.0µl (<1mm).
The InSyTe LabPET system is the first preclinical PET with continuous bed motion PET detection. This so-called continuous-motion PET maintains uniform signal-to-noise sensitivity across the entire scan range. This capability combined with TriFoil's digital APD-based PET expands its proven in-plane quantitative accuracy to precise quantifiable results in all dimensions.