medical simulation iOS application / training / monitoring / clinical



  • Function:

    training, for medical simulation, monitoring

  • Application domain:

    clinical, radiology, CPR


The TruMonitor app, an innovation from TruCorp, is an adjustable simulated patient monitoring solution. It features an easy training platform for use on iPads/iPhones. An instructor device can run and control scenarios on a student device, with connections via WiFi or Bluetooth.

App Features & Benefits:

-Run TruMonitor on a single device or pair of devices (one to monitor and one to control)
-Easily create complex medical scenarios
-Introduce lab results as scenario evolves
-Adjust patient vital signs in real time
-Sound effect library includes airway obstruction, secretions, stridor, laryngospasm and more
-ECG, X-ray and images can be sent to student device
-Access your own camera roll to send radiology, protocols and clinical images
-Change, enable or disable parameters as needed based on student’s treatment decisions

Medical Simulation Training

-30+ ECGs to choose from
-Defibrillation and CPR ECG artefact
-Arterial line
-Capnography (obstructive airways, sudden loss of output, malignant hyperpyrexia and more)
-Sp02 trace
-Respiratory rate (switches to capnography waveform when patient is intubated)
-Blood pressure cuff inflation cycle with 2, 5, 10, 20 & 30-minute intervals
-Blood sugar

Ideal for:

-Undergraduate exams
-OSCRE component of postgraduate membership and fellowship exams
-ALS, ATLS & APLS courses
-Recruitment interviews