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modular animal research cage
Open Field

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modular animal research cage modular animal research cage - Open Field


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The Open Field test is most often used to measure general locomotion and anxiety related behaviors. Rodents show a natural tendency to avoid open and brightly lit spaces. In an Open Field Arena, the general activity, locomotion, velocity and distance travelled can be measured and analyzed with either ActiMot2 System or the VideoMot2 Systems. This tool provides insight into the phenotypic differences between genotypes, strains and the influences of administered compounds.

The open arena is enclosed by a wall. The dimensions, shape and height of the arena are determined by the size and species of the animal being investigated.

The test can also be implemented as part of a multi-purpose platform. The module "Locomotor Activity & Open Field" of the Multi Conditioning System (MCS) provides an in-depth movement and activity analysis. The MCS is designed for multi-purpose behavioral testing, e.g. the evaluation of learning, memory, emotion and stress-related behaviors in mice and rats.

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