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radial-arm experiment maze / for behavioral research / automatic

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radial-arm experiment maze / for behavioral research / automatic radial-arm experiment maze / for behavioral research / automatic


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    for behavioral research

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The TSE Radial Mazes are completely computerized systems used to investigate hippocampus-dependent learning and memory performance. In the usual task food is available at the end of each arm or in selected arms only. The animal has to learn to visit each arm without going back to an already-visited empty arm or entering an arm that has never been baited. Learning and memory impairments will influence the performance in subsequent retention tests.

In the Radial Maze software a variety of control parameters can be defined including the start position, termination criterion, feeding pattern, or whether the animal is to be confined in the center to prevent perseverative behavior (only if automatic doors are present). The number of correct choices, i.e. first entries into baited arms, as well as performance errors are calculated. The maze can also be run with non-baited arms or using the continuous refilling option to monitor the locomotion pattern in the maze.

The TSE Radial Maze is also available as a non-automated system for use in the TSE VideoMot2 system.

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