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medical autoclave / for veterinary clinics / CSSD / floor-standing
66 series



  • Application domain:

    medical, for veterinary clinics, CSSD

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    with steam generator, high-capacity, stainless steel

  • Capacity:

    Min.: 340 l (89.8 gal)

    Max.: 760 l (200.8 gal)


The 66 autoclave series is made for different applications in hospitals, medical centers, and central sterile supply department (CSSD). This series features a range of chamber volume from 340 liters to 600 liters. The series has two door options: fully automatic vertical sliding door and a hinged door that automatically locks.

The quality features of our equipment give you peace of mind knowing that each of them is durable and easy to use. The chamber is jacketed and made of durable and corrosion-resistant 316L grade stainless steel. Pneumatic valves require less maintenance as they are air pressure operated. They are reliable and safe to use as high voltage is no longer required. Moreover, if switches and buttons are not operated for 4 hours, the autoclave will automatically go to standby mode.