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floor-standing washer-disinfector / high-capacity / with automatic door
Tiva 750 - 800



  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-capacity, with automatic door

  • Capacity:

    350 l (92.5 gal)


"The Tiva 750 / Tiva 800 washer-disinfectors have automatic doors as part of a complex system that suits processing needs of a CSSD. It has two washing pumps that are installed vertically for efficient washing and disinfecting as well as complete draining. For all chamber parts to be injected with clean air, a HEPA H14 air filter is utilized. Injectors and various basket levels are also injected with clean air.

The temperature for washing and disinfection is adjustable up to a maximum of 93°C. Its two PT1000 probes control the temperature. The washers also promote excellent cleaning and hygiene by taking in fresh water after every phase of the cycle is completed. Its water filtering system is made of three levels. To ensure that hollow objects are thoroughly disinfected and dried, it has the ability to directly inject into the object's hollow part. Furthermore, its HEPA Filtered H14 forced-air drying system that features both adjustable temperature and time settings promote complete drying of items that are placed in the chamber."