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pressure transducer pressure transducer - 17020


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The Bronchospasm Transducer was designed to perform the bronchospasm test on laboratory animals and is particularly suitable for connection to UGO BASILE DataCapsule-Evo Recorder, and to other digital data acquisition systems.

The 17020 enables the research worker to evaluate the spasm-inducing effect of drugs having a very wide range of action, not necessarily intended to act on respiratory dynamics.

The Bronchospasm Transducer 17020 is also a useful research tool for screening substances inducing the opposite effect, both those causing active bronchodilation in basal conditions and those which antagonize test drugs such as histamine, bradykinin, etc.

It is basically an air flow meter provided with a water input valve with adjustable pressure threshold.

The measuring device is a compact unit made entirely of Perspex; power supply and controls are located in a separate electronic box.