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isolation tank

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isolation tank isolation tank - URTH


The URTH is made in the USA and built with high quality components. The URTH features stainless steel door construction, durable plastic one piece tank design, filtration systems using NSF and CSA certified components, and our unique active air ventilation system. New for 2017 are the optional heater-less heating system that uses the filtration system itself to heat the solution, as well as the new optional split system, in-line heater for commercial settings, and more!

The interior float area is 56 inches wide by 97 inches long, making it large enough for floaters who are 7 feet tall (or taller) to be able to float with their arms above their heads comfortably. The URTH’s plastic one piece tank is easy to clean and is made to withstand the harsh Epsom Salt solution. The URTH does not use a liner.

The URTH provides a TRUE SENSORY DEPRIVATION EXPERIENCE using Escape Pod’s principles of 1. safe entrance and exit from the tank, 2. balanced air temperature and humidity, 3. standard active under-tank heaters that maintain solution temperature for as long as you want to float, 4. completely dark interior when door is closed, 5. exterior and interior sound control which is excellent due to the URTH’s one piece polyethelene tank characteristics, and 6. extra large interior float area of 97″ long by 56″ wide.

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