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floor-standing sachet packing machine / for the pharmaceutical industry / for powders / for tablets



  • Type:


  • Application domain:

    for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Product applications:

    for powders, for tablets, for granulates


Universal Pack’s 4 side seal sachet machine GAMMA SHP is the answer to attractive and unique packaging design demands. GAMMA SHP produces 4 side seal sachets in different shapes. GAMMA SHP offers a range of user-friendly multilane machines for packing any type of product in original and attractive primary packaging while allowing our customers to reduce downtime and fulfill their increasingly high production demands.

Design is important for any customer and Universal Pack machines are the answer to that. The new presentation of both established branded and newly created products enable sales to be increased as everything around the content create an appetite and desire helping the sale.

GAMMA offers a range of user-friendly single and multilane machines for packing any type of product in heat-sealed sachets with different shapes :

Variuos shapes (e.g. hearts, bottle-neck …)
any shaped sachet in rectangular sachet :thanks to Bag in Bag technology , GAMMA can insert from 1 to 4 sachets inside another sachet by a second sealing unit, obtaining a second packaging. In order to minimize the dimensions of the outer sachet, the inner sachets are overlapped.