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capsule counting-filling machine / for tablets / automatic / compact



  • Applications:

    for capsules, for tablets

  • Operational mode:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, with touchscreen


Model VSL-24 Counter is suitable for counting hard gelatin capsules, softgels, tablets, round pills and other solid materials. Each unit has 24 channels with dual nozzles and equipped with Honeywell's Intelligent Sensor Eyes, which has a total of 176 sensor eyes for 100% counting accuracy. The counter has three-stage vibrations to infeed tablets or capsules; vibrating frequency adjustable for quick and stable infeeding. Bottles are positioned and changed by air cylinder to ensure accuracy positioning prior to filling to avoid spillage. Also featuring slightly diving nozzles and lock bottles into placed prior to filling.


• New compact design, includes cleaner machine operation and easier clean-up accomplished by
moving the “dust” extracting system to the back of the unit to more completely extract the excess
tablet dust
• Japan's HMI Touch Screen Control Technology & Color Touch Screen Panel for reliable operations.
• Suitable for counting any sizes and shapes of tablets and capsules w/o changing parts.
• Sensor Control Double Rail Conveyor for Double Counting & Filling.
• The products dropped by two-stage vibration and dedusting system without scratch to the tablets
or capsules, which is conformed to the cGMP standards.
• 24 counting channels, each equipped with 16 product sensors to count each product, pass over 6
power vibratory units. The 24 channels vibratory plates are totally isolated from the vibratory drive
system to provide inner protection, longer machine life and 100% counting accuracy.

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