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multipurpose radiography flat panel detector / for fluoroscopy / for CBCT imaging / portable
PaxScan® 4030X



  • Applications:

    for multipurpose radiography, for fluoroscopy, for CBCT imaging

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The PaxScan® 4030X is a rcal-timc digital X-ray imaging device commonly referred to as a fiat panel detcctor (FPD). The main system components are the 40 x 30cm 194nm-pixel amorphous Silicon FPD and Command Processor CP2LC. Excellent lowdose performance is achievcd by combining Varian’s proprictary
rceadout electronics with a custom Cesium Iodidc scintillator. A Windows® based application program and a communications command (DLL) library has also been developed to assist OEM customers tasked with developing their own system interface. This imager is intended for incorporation into a complété X-ray system
by a qualified equipment manufacturer.

CBCT, OBI, I/V, Angio, DSA, Radiography/Fluoroscopy.

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