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CAD software / verification / radiology

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CAD software / verification / radiology CAD software / verification / radiology - Attila


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    CAD, verification

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Attila is a state-of-the-art software system providing fast and accurate solutions to demanding radiation transport applications. Attila leverages an advanced deterministic Boltzmann transport equation solver with an intuitive GUI and CAD integration, enabling users to rapidly and reliably perform complex calculations. Attila is ideally suited for applications dominated by large attenuations, such as radiation shielding. Attila calculates the solution everywhere, not just at pre-defined tally locations. Through both visual and quantitative output options, Attila provides analysts with insightful data needed for informed design decisions. For design verification, Attila includes the full functionality of Attila4MC. With Attila, users can easily obtain solutions from two independent first principles solvers, Attila and MCNP®, with the effort of only one. Attila is ideal for design, providing the full solution space for users to identify the critical areas and hot spots. MCNP® is ideal for verification, providing an independent stochastic check of the deterministic Attila calculation. For more information, download the Attila brief.