proton therapy cyclotron with integrated CT scanner / with robotized positioning table
ProBeam® Compact



  • Components:

    with integrated CT scanner, with robotized positioning table


Varian offers the ProBeam® Compact single-room solution to make high-quality proton therapy more widely accessible. Choosing a compact, single-room solution has key advantages:

Reduces the cost and space requirements for adding a proton therapy component to cancer care, making it a more feasible option for existing cancer centers
Requires significantly less space than a multi-room center, fitting into an area approximately the size of a tennis court or about 20 parking spaces
Offers intensity-modulated proton therapy (IMPT) with state-of-the-art technology—without compromising the clinical application or ease of use that clinicians have come to rely on in radiation oncology
ProBeam Compact Single-Room Proton Therapy Solution
Superconducting Cyclotron
The isochronous superconducting cyclotron uses electromagnetic waves to accelerate proton beams
Beam Transport System
The ProBeam beam transport system focuses and shapes the beam and guides it to the treatment room, creating the small beam size necessarily for IMPT and enabling clinicians to target very small spots across the full energy range
360° Rotating Gantry
The gantry rotates 190° in each direction offering 360 ° treatment rotations around the patient. This allows treatment at any angle while minimizing the need to reposition the patient. It is easier for the patient, and allows faster, more efficient treatment times than other proton delivery solutions.
Patient Treatment Room
The sophisticated patient positioning system moves in all directions