pneumatic tourniquet cuff / single / double

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pneumatic tourniquet cuff / single / double pneumatic tourniquet cuff / single / double


  • Applications:

    for pneumatic tourniquets

  • Other characteristics:

    single, double


We offer a wide range of products in the area of tourniquets cuffs that are handmade. Our selection spans a complete program of single and double cuffs in up to nine different sizes, fitting for extremities of various forms and sizes for use with babies, infants and adults.

We also offer the majority of our tourniquet cuffs in conical shape. Conical cuffs have a curved design which feature a distal diameter smaller than its proximal diameter when applied to a patient. They offer an optimal distribution of pressure and greatly increase patient comfort. The improved fit for conical extremities lowers the risk of mechanical shear forces and guarantees an effective exsanguination.

The welded cuff allows a very low profile. As a result the cuff is extremely light and easy to put on.

Available in straight form and contour shaped
Also available as a Cuff with dual port