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reciprocating endodontic file / for root canal treatment / nickel titanium



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for root canal treatment

  • Other characteristics:

    nickel titanium


One file endo
System designed specifically for root canal preparation in reciprocation
Time saving
INSPIRED to find a simpler and safer way to successfully prepare a root canal, whilst complying with the highest quality requirements, VDW developed RECIPROC®.It’s possible to prepare even complex root canals with predictable results using just one instrument.
Product information
Frequency of Use
A RECIPROC instrument is designed for single use in maximum one molar. As with all nickel-titanium instruments, it should be examined during the treatment and discarded if signs of wear, such as untwisting, can be seen. If an instrument appears to be bent after being used in a strongly curved canal, it should be discarded.

Single-Use Convenience
The RECIPROC system is designed for convenience and safety. The instruments are delivered ready to use, pre-sterilised in blister packaging and should be simply discarded after use, making work flow more efficient; eliminating the need to clean and sterilise instruments, considerably reducing the risk of contamination to office personnel and eliminating the risk of cross contamination to patients.

One RECIPROC instrument does the job of several instruments which would need to be used for preparation with regular hand or continuous rotary instruments. The RECIPROC instrument cannot be autoclaved due to its non-autoclavable handle. This safety feature protects against metal fatigue caused by over-use.