RF body contouring skin care unit / magnetic pulse body contouring / trolley-mounted
Venus Freeze™



  • Treatment:

    RF body contouring, magnetic pulse body contouring

  • Ergonomics:



Based on the cutting edge (MP)² technology and designed to be cost efficient and effective, Venus Freeze® creates a series of radio frequency and magnetic pulses, which results in excellent treatments and unrivaled results. Ideal for several body and face applications to including cellulite improvement, wrinkle and circumference reduction, and skin tightening, the energy matrix of Venus Freeze® reaches the inner most layers of the skin, which ensures excellent clinical effectiveness and visible results.

The exclusive delivery of Venus Freeze® ensures speedy therapeutic temperature and seamless maintenance of high temperature, without a cooling system.This also results in a shorter treatment time owing to the larger area covered by the device and a smooth heating sensation for patients. The two onboard ergonomic applicators are customized to render accurate results of all body parts and address as many treatments as possible. The exterior of Venus Freeze® features a stainless steel design, and the large yet elegant display simply enhances its overall appeal.