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videonystagmoscope videonystagmoscope


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Affordability :

The primary challenge we have identified is that infrared video goggles have previously been inaccessible to many outpatient physical therapy clinics, universities, and continuing education programs due to their very high cost.
With the help of expert vestibular researchers, we are developing infrared video goggles that are affordable to all therapists and clinicians, so that they can provide optimal care to their patients with dizziness and vertigo.

Simplicity :

We have developed goggles that are able to connect to existing laptops and desktops already available in most research settings, physical therapy clinics and universities. Additionally, we use open-source video software to allow maximum compatibility and flexibility across all devices–and this software is free!

Portability :

Our goggles fit in a small case, allowing for movement between outpatient exam rooms, use between clinicians on various computers and laptops, and in various settings such as home care.
Researchers no longer need to have a dedicated stand-alone computer and software that cannot be transported to where the patients need help, particularly in busy clinics where more than one patient or therapist may need access to the same goggles in an overlapping time span.

Functionality :

Our high definition camera system allows for single eye, dual eye, and picture-in-picture display that can be viewed live, recorded for later review, or streamed to support telemedicine.