veterinary operating table / manual / fixed-height / for small animals



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    for small animals, for large animals


The table provides a comfortable and efficient work of a veterinary specialist! VETBOT-33 can be used as a viewing and operating table!

Vetbot-33 is completely made of stainless steel. This material is not subject to decay and corrosion, rust and bacteria, it provides a long service life of the table.
The material has a high chemical resistance, so You can handle any kind of tabletop disinfectants, spending a minimum amount of time on their choice.
The table top has many of hooks on the edges to fix the animals during surgery.
The table is mounted on adjustable supports, which allow to compensate for floor irregularities within a wide range.
The table is suitable for surgical operations, bandaging and other treatment-and-prophylactic work.

VETBOT-33 is used in veterinary clinics, hospitals, services, shelters and hotels for animals, pet salons.