veterinary operating table / laparoscopic / manual / Trendelenburg



  • Applications:

    veterinary, laparoscopic

  • Operation:


  • Features:

    Trendelenburg, fixed-height

  • Patient type:

    for small animals


MLS laparoscopy mini table for cats and dogs

Mini table design allows you to change animal position during the operation. This allows the veterinary surgeon operational and comfortable work. In addition, surgical mini table is compact and mobile.

Laparoscopy mini table used in veterinary clinics and hospitals. It can be used by veterinary surgeons in castration and shooting of domestic animals in the home.

The bed of the table is adjustable. This allows you to choose the optimal position of the animal during the operation: on the back, left or right side.
Part of the table can be detached and moved with the animal to the site of postoperative rehabilitation after the operation.
The small weight of the table will make it easy to carry.
The table fixing system provides reliable fixation and easy access.

Dimensions: 930x530x280 mm