veterinary scavenging system / anesthetic gas
933101, 933105



  • Applications:

    veterinary, anesthetic gas


Every effort must be taken to reduce personnel exposure to waste anesthetic gases. These self-contained recirculating air-cleaning systems capture air contaminants directly at the source, safely remove them, and then release clean air back into the room.


Standard two-stage filtration system
* High efficiency cartridge filter
* Activated carbon
Two self-supported, articulating extractor arms, which can be flared at one end to make a "hood" up to 4.5" in diameter or decreased to make a nozzle as small as 2.0" in diameter. Each arm's reach is expandable up to 48" in length.
3800 FPM duct velocity (one arm)
2250 FPM duct velocity (two-arms)
(A cap included to close off the unused inlet if only one arm is desired)
Low noise level - 100,000-hour motor life (typical) - Heavy-duty 14-gauge construction.
Baked-on polyurethane powder-coat finish