suture simulator / pad

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suture simulator / pad suture simulator / pad - ABS


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Base Unit
Thermoformed ABS shell with suture pad attachment pins.
Supplied with two foam inserts.
The solid foam insert is for use with the multi-layered su-
ture training pad.
Perimeter foam insert is for use with the hollow-organ style
training pad, and can be stored on the inside of the base
when not in use.
Suction cups will adhere most effectively to a smooth work
surface (stainless steel, laminates, etc.) and when slightly
Multi-layer Suture Training Pads
Consist of four (4) layers, intended to represent the dermis,
subcutaneous layer, linea, and transverse fascia.
Hollow Organ Suture Training Pads
Consists of one (1) layer, intended to represent a hollow organ.