transcranial doppler / table / with heart rate monitor / with touchscreen



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    with heart rate monitor, with touchscreen, ICP


The next generation Transcranial Doppler (TCD) system with an integrated battery allowing maximum portability.

- Vasospasm and SAH
- Arteriovenous Malformation
- Brain Death
- VMR and Autoregulation
- Intracranial Stenosis
- Collateral Capacity
- Monitoring
- Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO)
- Sickle Cell Disease
- Emboli Detection
- Evaluation Of ICP Changes
- Breath Holding

The Dolphin/MAX supports numerous standard and new unique features for the benefit of the medical staff and patients alike:

- Integrated computer and touch screen
- 1.6 MHz, 2 MHz, 4 MHz, 8 MHz and 16 MHz Doppler probes
- Bilateral support
- Unlimited user defined examination protocols
- Monitoring and PFO
- HITS Detection
- Multi-depth display
- Post processing of raw data
- Variety of dedicated specialty tests: Breath Holding, Vasomotor Reactivity, Sickle Cell Disease, Intraoperative, and more
- One key operation for simplified and rapid examinations
- Interactive screens
- Support for multiple offline workstations
- Configurable reports
- Enterprise grade network solutions including DICOM/HL7/GDT/SQL and a lot more
- Database review
- Various research tools
- A variety of export formats
- Dedicated remote control and foot switch
- And much more ...

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