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pelvic trainer

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pelvic trainer pelvic trainer - VTP


  • Type of muscle:

    pelvic muscles


Clinically Proven
In a 2015 clinical study published in UROLOGY, VPT was found effective in treating urinary incontinence and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

Medical Grade
Vibrance Pelvic Trainer has undergone extensive testing and evaluation for safety and effectiveness. It’s training sleeves are made of Medical Grade silicone rubber which is antimicrobial & hypoallergenic, ensuring hygiene and protection for the intimate area.

1 button, no smartphone required design allows you to go from start to finish in 10 minutes in each training sessions. Its user-friendly and ergonomic design was awarded the prestigious Medical Design Excellence Award in 2012.

Patented Vibration Biofeedback
Patented vibration biofeedback helps you to accurately identify the pelvic floor muscles when doing pelvic training. Vibration signals promote development of brain-muscle synchronization for effective pelvic muscle activation.

Audio Coach
Built in audio coach guides you through the intricacies of long and short holds during pelvic floor muscle training, giving your muscles a more effective workout. Just squeeze when you hear the beep and relax when you don’t.

Three Level Training Sleeves
The only pelvic training device to incorporate progressive physical resistance, the sleeves act like weights at the gym to provide a resistive component to pelvic muscle training, helping you achieve faster results.