linear particle accelerator with integrated MRI system / 3D conformational radiation therapy / image-guided radiation therapy / stereotactic radiation therapy



  • Type of therapy:

    3D conformational radiation therapy, image-guided radiation therapy, stereotactic radiation therapy

  • Components:

    with robotized positioning table, with integrated MRI system


Discover MRIdian®
Built upon a patented split-magnet MR design, MRIdian offers a unique unobstructed radiation beam path and optimal source-axis-distance (SAD) to unlock sophisticated beam dosimetry, exceptionally sharp SRS and SBRT-tailored penumbra, and high dose rate beam delivery.

Providing high-definition, diagnostic-quality MR imaging, MRIdian’s SmartVISION was designed specifically to maintain high-fidelity beam delivery, while virtually eliminating the risks of skin toxicities, trapped or distorted dose, and other concerns which may occur when high magnetic fields interact with radiation beams.