hysteroscopy simulator / training / for mini-invasive surgery / endoscopy
VirtaMed GynoS™



  • Procedure:

    training, for mini-invasive surgery, hysteroscopy, endoscopy

  • Form:


  • Other characteristics:

    custom-made, with digital real-time feedback, portable, mobile, with touchscreen, with sound generator, with video recording, augmented reality, with electronic console, virtual reality, computerized, web-based


VirtaMed GynoS™
Covers the entire spectrum of OB/GYN training: from obstetric ultrasound, to hysteroscopy, embryo transfer, and IUD placement
Validated to accelerate the learning process and improve student performance
Provides the most realistic training environment possible with photorealistic graphics and natural haptic feedback
Reduces training time and cost with proficiency-based training and assessment

Accelerate student learning with a variety of pathologies and cases at all difficulty levels. GynoS™ hysteroscopy offers on-demand, comprehensive, and risk-free endoscopy training where students use original medical instruments to treat virtual fibroids, establish uterine distension, clear viewing conditions, and how to safely handle loop electrode and rollerball for resection, coagulation, and endometrial ablation. For the more experienced learner, there are patients with more serious gynecological pathologies, including multiple polyps, intramural fibroids, uterine adhesions, or a septum. In the risk-free environment provided by simulation, more advanced endoscopic techniques can also be trained. For example, reducing the fluid inflow leads to a reduction of uterine distension, allowing the intramural parts of fibroids naturally to expand into the cavity for easier resection.