training simulator / obstetrical/gynecological / for ultrasound imaging / fetal
VirtaMed GynoS™



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    training, obstetrical/gynecological, for ultrasound imaging

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VirtaMed GynoS™
Covers the entire spectrum of OB/GYN training: from obstetric ultrasound, to hysteroscopy, embryo transfer, and IUD placement
Validated to accelerate the learning process and improve student performance
Provides the most realistic training environment possible with photorealistic graphics and natural haptic feedback
Reduces training time and cost with proficiency-based training and assessment

1st Trimester Transvaginal Obstetric UltrasoundNEW
The realistic tactile sensation of the transvaginal probe facilitates the transfer of skills from the simulator to the patient. Focusing on fetal ages between 5 and 12 weeks, clinicians learn to assess the viability of the 1st trimester fetus, including pregnancies of unknown location and ectopic pregnancies.

2nd Trimester Transabdominal Obstetric UltrasoundNEW
As the first simulator incorporating the 20+2 scanning protocol, the VirtaMed ultrasound simulator offers the most systematic approach to examining the first and second trimester fetus. Equipped with a proprietary probe that allows for a free navigation across the entire abdomen, the simulator experience is as close to real life settings as possible. Clinicians can practice across over 100 cases, various fetal positions, different placenta locations, and doppler imaging. Fetal ages range between 10-26 weeks.