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analysis software module / measurement / for histopathology laboratories / for biomedical research



  • Function:

    analysis, measurement

  • Application domain:

    for histopathology laboratories, for biomedical research


Stereotopix™ Basic Research

Stereotopix™ Basic Research
Researchers use quantitative microscopy in many ways with the goal of producing high-quality, quantitative results to support the development, submission, and award of grants and publications.
Principal Investigators often need to obtain unbiased structural information (volume, area, length and numbers) from many types of tissue and from images created on a variety of different modalities.
Stereotopix™ will provide laboratories with an ultraflexible stereology software solution to support the requirements of research.
The Visiopharm stereology software STEREOTOPIX™ is driven by newCAST™, which was developed in close collaboration with world-leaders in the field and is the most comprehensive, robust, user friendly and versatile tereological system available today.

A design based stereology solution
Design based stereology software, ensures unbiased estimates of structural information (volume, area, length, and number) from 2-D tissue sections.
Stereology (newCAST) from Visiopharm is a complete, well documented solution that has been cited in over 800 publications just since 2010.

Combine probes for more quantitative power
The Stereology module has a comprehensive selection of stereological probes that can be combined to allow for simultaneous analysis of several end-points. Modern stereological methods introduce a need for effi cient handling of local thickness measurement and guard zones at artificial edges for calculation of exact sampling probabilities.