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verification software / for the pharmaceutical industry



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    for the pharmaceutical industry


VISIOPHARMA Line Manager SW is designed specifically to connect in real time to any printing and scanning device such as vision systems and handheld scanners. With this centralized station software, line setup is reduced to minimum, ensuring the integrity of each serial number. The interface with the higher level EPCIS serial number manager is done by standard EPCIS messaging protocol.

After a work/production order is allocated, VISIOPHARMA LM accesses the proper production formats from the plant database and configures all the devices on the line, avoiding operators’ intervention and preventing any configuration mistakes.

Together with VISIOPHARMA Aggregation SW Module, it’s able to create aggregation data in parent/child relation into unlimited outer packages like bundles, cases, pallets, etc., while preserving any rework, change or disassociation option in future.

Main Features
A standalone serialization solution which can be integrated into variety of L3 or L4 server software with its flexible features
Manages serialization processes either manually or online with the data provided by EPCIS environment
Generates, commissions and decommissions serial numbers as per GS1 and/or other specified standards where EPCIS environment is not available
Controls all line coders and printers
Configures each device on the line to the relevant production
Receives assigned work order from Plant Manger
Feeds printers with serial numbers during production
Manages verification and rejection processes
Provides OCR/OCV for human readable alphanumerical texts
Receives production data and code status from devices during production
Update production data and statistics in real time