cranial perforator

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cranial perforator cranial perforator - VITALDRILL ADO


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Vitalys Surgical proposes a range of 100% made in France cranial perforators.

All our cranial perforators have an auto-release mechanism and are single-use. They have been researched and tested by engineers from a surgical-sector ISO 13485 – approved specialist design consultancy and are appropriate for all cranial anatomies. A patent has been filed to protect the engage/disengage concept of the VitalDrill cranial perforator.

This range of innovative cranial perforators is designed to optimise the practitioner’s procedures, comfort and safety.

Main benefits

- The anti-skid centring tip at the start of perforation
- The optimised milling of the perforator’s cutting teeth
- Immediate release at the right moment at the end of each perforation
- The formation of a bony capsule at the end of perforation, creating a protective shield between the perforator drill and the dura mater