urine drainage veterinary catheter

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urine drainage veterinary catheter urine drainage veterinary catheter - KatKath™


  • Use:

    urine drainage


KatKath™ is our adjustable atraumatic feline long-term urinary catheter. Easy to use... Easy to place..

The adjustable KatKath® with KatKlip, a simple locking fixation device
Simple open and close movement
Introduces the rotating collar used on the standard KatKath® catheters to avoid ‘twisting’ injuries
The KatKlip is small, more comfortable and better tolerated
The locking component is a different colour to the body of the fixation device for ease of use
More easily sutured in place
To use the full 18cm length simply remove the KatKlip and use as a standard KatKath™.

Fully aDjustable suture wing
The Adjustable KatKath™ catheter allows adjustment
through the full range of lengths as needed for each
individual patient from the very smallest to the largest
of cats. Sutures should be tied around the two suture
grooves on the body of the suture wing component thus
securing the catheter at the required length.

mOre Flexible
The catheter is made from a unique non-reactive material
which has similar properties to Teflon® but is more
flexible. More flexibility allows greater comfort.

great lOngituDinal strength
The KatKath’s increased flexibility does not diminish its
ability in the effective treatment of blocked cats due to its
great longitudinal strength and will not concertina even
when encountering gross resistance.

Crush resistant
The KatKath™ is almost impossible to crush and is also
highly resistant to kinking. This allows placement without
the use of a stylet. (Useful if flushing is required during the
act of placement).

well tOlerateD
The KatKath™ may be left in place for hours or days,
dependant on individual needs,