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transcutaneous neurostimulator / for peripheral nerve stimulation / wireless programmable

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transcutaneous neurostimulator transcutaneous neurostimulator - 7501.31


  • Type of neurostimulator:


  • Type of neurostimulation:

    for peripheral nerve stimulation

  • Options:

    wireless programmable


Electro-neuro-stimulator for plexus and peripheral nerve blocks.
Designed for optimum performance in terms of efficiency, safety and ease of use.
Allows quick and easy identification of nerves:
-Large LCD screen
-Adjustable impulse generator:
. 0 to 4 mA for an impulse of 300 µs
. 0 to 5 mA for an impulse of 100 µs
. 0 to 6 mA for an impulse of 50 µs
-Adjustable impulse frequency (1, 2 or 4 Hz) and duration (300 µs, 100 µs or 50µs)
-Choice of display units: mA or nC
-"Safety" button immediately cuts off the electric current
-Precision: the double decimal digit display is automatically activated below 0.5 mA, by increments of 0.02 mA
-Plexygon can be used under sterile conditions with a protective hood, supplied separately as a single unit (code 39.00.15)
-Dimensions: Length 200 mm / Width: max. 93 mm – min. 57 mm Height: max. 40 mm – min. 23 mm