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mesotherapy injection needle / Huber



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    mesotherapy injection

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QimoPerfusafe is a safety infusion device with Huber bevel for implantable ports.
QimoPerfusafe is made of:
- 1 needle with Huber bevel,
- 4 wings: 2 upper wings for holding the device during placement and removal. 2 lower wings to hold the implantable port in place when removing QimoPerfusafe and activate the safety device,
- 1 flexible extension tube in polyurethane, length 215 mm - Int.-ext. Ø: 1.5 x 2.5 mm,
- 1 female Luer-lock hub,
- 1 Qimo Female,
- 1 colour-coded clamp according to the size of the needle,
- 1 protection pad.
QimoPerfusafe prevents needle-stick injuries by rebound effect when withdrawing a Huber needle from an implantable port. The needle is automatically directed into a safety block offering total protection for health care workers with no change in the handling technique for the operator.