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nasal endotracheal tube

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nasal endotracheal tube nasal endotracheal tube - 2596.15


  • Intubation method:



Silicone nasal tube for neonatal ventilation.
Length of tube: 6 cm.

The single tube and the double tube have open and rounded distal tips and centimetre markings over a distance of 5 cm. The proximal tip has an ISO standard 15 mm adaptor.
Specially designed to reduce the stress related to tracheal ventilation and to improve the comfort of premature babies and neonates.

Main indications:
-Certain moderate respiratory distress syndromes in neonates, mild hyaline membrane disease, temporary respiratory difficulties
-Recurrent apneas in premature babies
-Reduction of intubation time (replacement of the endotracheal tube).