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cementless acetabular prosthesis

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cementless acetabular prosthesis cementless acetabular prosthesis - LINK® T.O.P.®


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LINK® T.O.P.® Hip Acetabular Cup
Component of the femoral neck preserving, bioharmonic hip endo system
The T.O.P.® hip acetabular cup and the C.F.P.® hip prosthesis stem* form a femoral neck-
preserving, bioharmonic system for cementless implantation. It was specifically developed for young, active patients, who have higher than average rates of aseptic loosening with a conventional hip prosthesis, due to long life expectancy.
Taking into consideration principles of biomechanical loading and anchoring, correlating to hip anatomy and physiology, the C.F.P.® hip prosthesis stem achieves stable, stress-resistant anchoring of the prosthesis, and offers the best conditions for later interventions. The anatomically compatible, dislocation resistant positioning of the T.O.P.® hip acetabulum is an integral component of the bioharmonic system.
T.O.P.® Hip Acetabular Cup
Snap-fit anchoring for maximum bone preservation

Medio-ventral recess (femoralis protective rim) allows better range of motion and protects psoas tendon and nervus femoralis

Equatorial row of teeth for primary stability

Tilastan® titanium alloy with HX® coating (calcium phosphate CaP)

Optional additional fixation with fixation screws

Secure fixation of polyethylene insert to metal casing by a snap-lock mechanism

Standard acetabular cup insert for normal cup entrance angle

Use of the anti-luxation cup insert prevents femoral head dislocation when the metal casing is at a steep cup entrance angle

For X-LINKed® UHMWPE– and standard polyethylene inserts

Broad spectrum of sizes 40–68 mm in diameter (15 sizes)