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surgical forceps / cervical biopsy / Tischler / stainless steel
907028, 907056



  • Applications:


  • Procedure:

    cervical biopsy

  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel

  • Length:

    20 cm, 25 cm (7.9 in)


Wallach has all the biopsy instruments a gynecologist will need. Wallach is an excellent choice for the gynecologist who only wants the best biopsy and surgical instruments. Wallach has a complete collection of instruments that were made by seasoned individuals in Europe for specific procedures.

The Angled Tischler Rotating Biopsy Forceps makes it easier to access lesions.

The Baby Tischler Biopy Forceps features a spring handle and a standard Tischler design so discomfort will be reduced.

The Tischler Rotating Biopsy Forceps has a shaft with a 360-degree angle that allows the doctor to take a biopsy at any angle. It also permits unobstructed site access. This instrument is easy to use and created with the physician's comfort in mind.

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