swing door / hospital / laboratory / double

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swing door / hospital / laboratory / double swing door / hospital / laboratory / double


  • Opening type:


  • Medical establishment:

    hospital, laboratory

  • Other characteristic:

    double, automatic, radiation protection


Particle Accelerators are used increasingly in medicine, science and industry. High-energy electron linear accelerators and cyclotrons are routinely involved in radiotherapy, isotope production, activation analysis and form the basis of many research facilities.

Premadex® can play an important role in the solution of all radiological problems arising from neutron production within accelerator facilities.

To control neutron leakage from treatment rooms, Premadex® can be used to line the maze entrance replacing the need for a heavy shielding door. Alternatively, when a door is necessary it can be included in the design for neutron attenuation.
Neutron Shielding Installations

These are some of the major Neutron Shielding projects that Wardray Premise have undertaken for Linear Accelerator installations:

Christie Hospital, Manchester (two projects)
Coventry New Hospitals.
Ipswich Hospital (two projects)
Mid Kent Oncology Centre (two projects)
Mount Vernon Hospital
Norfolk and Norwich Hospital
Beatson Oncology Centre, Glasgow
Walsgrave Hospital, Coventry.