X-ray protective eye shield

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X-ray protective eye shield X-ray protective eye shield


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    X-ray protective eye shield


Head CT and general x-ray examinations can result in significant and unnecessary exposure to the lens of the eye. The ICRP has estimated that the threshold for detectable opacities in the lens from a single brief exposure to be 0.5–2Gy and the threshold for visual impairment (cataract) to be 5Gy. The ICRP recently suggested that the lens of the eye may be more radiosensitive than previously considered and have recommended particular emphasis on optimisation.

The Eye Protector has been designed to provide superficial anterior and lateral coverage of the eye, to significantly reduce and optimise the dose received by the lens. The built-in standoff ensures that image artefacts created by shielding are reduced to an absolute minimum. Lens dose reduction exceeds 40% in all CT scan configurations.

Independent x-ray transmission testing on the material shows an 80%+ dose reduction throughout the range of 50-150kV.

Eye Protectors have hypoallergenic adhesive tabs to ensure that the shield is fitted properly and the standoff is maintained consistently.