Peltier effect thermocycler / compact

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Peltier effect thermocycler / compact Peltier effect thermocycler / compact - BLM-TC


  • Technology:

    Peltier effect

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(BLM-TC) Planar Lipid Bilayer Thermocycler

Finally, there's temperature control for the bilayer!
The new BLM-TC from Warner Instruments uses Peltier technology to cool, heat or thermocycle a planar lipid bilayer membrane.

Peltier driven
Cools to 5 °C
Heats to 50 °C
Heats and cools at 3 °C/min.
Stable to 0.2 °C

The BLM-TC from Warner Instruments uses Peltier technology to reliably cool, heat, or thermocycle a planar bilayer membrane.

The tight and reproducible temperature control provided by this unique device can facilitate the measurement of single channel events at physiologic temperatures, or at any temperature between 5 and 50 °C.

The BLM-TC charts temperature at an average rate of 3 °C/min when transitioning between 40 °C to 10 °C. More importantly, this system can maintain the temperature to within 0.2 °C of the set temperature.
Planar Lipid Bilayer Thermocycler (BLM-TC)

The BLM-TC system is comprised of a Peltier-driven bilayer platform (compatible with Warner's SPIN-2 bilayer stirplate and BPS-2 Perfusion), a CL-100 bipolar temperature controller, and a LCS-1 (Thermal Cooling Module).

The purchase of a BCH-M13 or the BCH-M22 (thermally conductive bilayer chambers) and a standard bilayer cup completes the system.

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