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scientific research laboratory workstation / benchtop scientific research laboratory workstation / benchtop - BLM


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    for scientific research

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(BLM) Planar Lipid Bilayer Workstation
The Planar Lipid Bilayer (BLM) Workstation from Warner Instruments integrates every significant component required for the assembly of a working BLM rig. This unique device allows the user to quickly get up to speed in performing research using this powerful technology.

Complete facility for Planar Lipid Bilayer recording
Simple and integrated design
Integrated instrumentation
Popular data acquisition packages
Optional power line conditioning
Bilayer Thermocycler available!


The Planar Lipid Bilayer Workstation is comprised of:

FC Series: Faraday cage and vibration isolation table (manufactured expressly for Warner Instruments by Kinetic Systems)
BC-535: Bilayer Clamp Amplifier
LPF-8: 8-pole Bessel filter
SUNStir-3: Integrated system comprised of a SUNStir rack-mount controller, SUN-1 halogen lamp, and SPIN-2 bilayer stirplate
BPS-2: Bilayer perfusion system
HST-1: Headstage holder system
RAC-14: Table top equipment rack
BLM-ST: Bilayer Starter Kit

Additional items needed to complete the Workstation include bilayer cups and chambers (either the classic or perfusion style), data acquisition hardware/software, and a computer. Due to the extensive variety offered, cups and chambers are ordered separately.

The Bilayer workstation supports the use of all data acquisition systems and we offer pClamp from Molecular Devices (Union City, CA). You may purchase your acquisition system directly from the vendor or from us at no additional charge to you. (Technical support and warranty, however, remain through Molecular Devices.)

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